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Chain stone logging and milling in Ghana is an important enterprise among the deprived rural communities in Ghana (eg Anon, 2001; Siebert & Elwert, 2004) Its associated lumber trade is also a huge enterprise involving many players The milling business is operated by individuals or as part of small, informal groups

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Ghana has gone through several experiments of accommodating chainsaw milling as a means of producing timber, especially for domestic consumption Before the 1990s, chainsaw operations in Ghana were legal, with almost no controls When it was realized that tree-felling was indiscriminate and was inconsistent with sustainable

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Providing alternatives to illegal chainsaw milling practices through the EU Chainsaw Milling Project Illegal logging in Ghana is partly a problem of poverty

Chain stone Logging and Milling in Ghana: Background study

Chain stone Logging and Milling in Ghana: Background study report 1 Apr 2006 Countries: Ghana FRP_Chainsaw_Logging_Ghanapdf Download FRP_Chainsaw_Doc_Meetingpdf Download Related content Island province, part of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, have decided not to issue new business licenses to logging and mining

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The Alaskan Small Log Milling Attachment is a chainsaw attachment designed to cut slabs, lumber or timber with saws 24" or less in size 【More】 Chain stone Logging And Milling In Ghana - …


Illegal logging in Ghana is estimated at 60%, compared with 35% for Malaysia, 20% to 47% for Brazil, 70% for Papua New Guinea and 80% for Bolivia [5] Illegal logging (mainly chainsaw milling) provides for most of the Ghana’s domestic

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It was learnt that while chainsaw milling and sale of chainsaw lumber is legal in Cameroon and some states in Nigeria it has been banned in Ghanaian The measure in Ghana was to ensure that good quality and legal timber was supplied by the traditional stone millers to the local market

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EMMANUEL MARFO introduction Chainsaws were introduced in Ghana in the 1960s and gradually replaced the use of manual saws for felling and cross-cutting trees Chainsaw milling (Csm) became wide- spread in the early 1980s, when large-scale sawmill operations decreased along with a nationwide economic decline

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Scandals have been reported in Ghana's forestry industry since 1986, and they erupted again in early 1992 The most notable case involved African Timber and Plywood , once Ghana's largest exporter of round logs

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Damnyag, L and Darko-Obiri, B 2009 ‘Investment in chainsaw milling compared to improved chainsaw milling in eight forest districts of Ghana’, in Marfo E et al (eds), Developing alternatives to illegal chainsaw milling through multi-stakeholder dialogue in Ghana and Guyana project FORIG Research Report: 140-158

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Illegal logging, including chainsaw milling, is overwhelming the capacity of the forest administration in Ghana More staff hours are devoted to the control of illegal activities than are available for all other management activities required to sustain the resource base

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Chainsaw milling is an important part of the Ghanaian economy because Csm is largely illegal, it is difficult for the Forestry Commission to monitor and control deforestation Chainsaw milling also causes these problems: • logging protected species through the indiscriminate nature of their felling operations; • logging in protected areas;


Impact of tree tenure and access on chainsaw milling in Ghana E Acheampong and E Marfo Ghana J Forestry, Vol 27, 2011, 68-86 70 both ownership and access or use rights The set of rights that a person or some private entity holds to forests or trees may include the right to own, to

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In spite of being banned in 1998, chainsaw milling continues to be a major supplier of Ghana "s domestic lumber needs Chainsaw milling helps to sustain rural economies and livelihoods, and banning it fuels illegal practices and conflict Chainsaw milling challenges Ghana "s ambitions to develop a legal and sustainable forestry sector Discussions on chainsaw milling have become an important part of the EC …

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Research suggests that chainsaw milling of logs is the most common form of illegal logging in Ghana (Birikorang et al, 2001, Hansen and Treue, 2008, Marfo, 2010) Chainsaw milling refers to the use of fuel-powered chainsaw machines for harvesting timber species and converting the logs in-situ into lumber ( Odoom, 2004 )


Quartey (2010) reported that chainsaw milling in Ghana could be seen as a criminalization problem and the only way to halt deforestation will be to stop the operations of chainsaw milling operators In Nigeria, no drastic step has been taken to combat this menace despite that its negative effect

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Nov 23, 2012 · Small log milling demonstration using a chain stone Extreme Dangerous Biggest Tree Felling ¦¦ Amazing Fastest Trees Cutting Down with Chainsaw Machine - Duration: 14:01 Best Woodworking 783,038

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If you’re going to mill lumber, use the top sections, not the clear butt ends Our DIY Alaskan mill did perfect cutting an 8 foot tree section 18” in diameter in about 10 minutes per slab It takes about an hour to cut 5 slabs between fueling up and adding bar oil We’re cutting 175” thick slabs with live edge

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Jan 13, 2005 · I am using a ProCut chain stone mill (chain stone on a small trailer for a log deck) Basically, just roll the log unto the small trailer, which you can move by hand, and start cutting Nothing to set up for your first cut and you cut standing

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Chainsaw milling on location Walter the Eco Logger's milling setup Walter Rodler sent me some pictures of his eco logging setup This consists of equipment of his own design used to help mill a log into lumber on location This cuts down on the destruction that would usually be caused by skidding the log out of the woods with heavy machinery

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Apr 21, 2019 · Page 1 of 517: The Forestry Forum Questions and discussions on sawmills, and the milling of lumber Sawmills and Milling sponsored in part by:

Chain stone Logging and Milling in Ghana: Background study

Chain stone Logging and Milling in Ghana: Background study report 1 Apr 2006 Countries: Ghana FRP_Chainsaw_Logging_Ghanapdf Download FRP_Chainsaw_Doc_Meetingpdf Download Related content Island province, part of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, have decided not to issue new business licenses to logging and mining

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Illegal chainsaw milling is prevalent, predominantly supplying the domestic market Illegality is also an issue in supply chains for export, albeit at a lower level Trade data discrepancies indicate that illegal trade is a problem, in particular for tropical logs, and there is …

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This report synthesizes the various studies and discussions that have been carried out on chainsaw milling (CSM) in Ghana It is targeted to policymakers, researchers and indeed all stakeholders, both in Ghana and elsewhere It is intended to provide up-to-date information about chainsaw milling in Ghana

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TBI Ghana, in conjunction with its partners, including the Timber Industry Development Division of the Forestry Commission, is therefore piloting the project to build the capacity of local communities in artisanal milling, to process lesser-used species, and convert logging residues produce by forest concession holders to usable products

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illegal logging operations alone, including chainsaw milling, at GH¢ 405 million per annum, equivalent to about 2% of GDP This amount is about GH¢ 15 million more that what the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning approved for the Forestry Commission in 2010 Unacceptable forest practices pose serious threat to Ghana’s


the onward development is not strictly dependent on the forest (TBI Ghana in 2005) 323 Timber utilization related livelihoods Timber utilization related livelihoods in the context of Ghana refer to livelihoods derived from formal logging (with legal permit system) and illegal chainsaw milling (TBI Ghana…


TIMBER INDUSTRY RESTRUCTURING GROUP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Illegal chainsaw logging and trade in illegal timber have taken an unprecedented level since the onset of Forest Development Master Plan of 1995 which, among others, sought to curb this illegal practice It is currently estimated that about 50% or 15 m 3 of annual harvested timber of 3

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Aug 16, 2012 · The demonization of the chainsaw operators is misplaced, according to Elijah Danso, a forest consultant in Ghana for the last two decades Illegal chainsaw loggers are probably cutting as much timber as the legal companies, while doing less environmental damage and more social good than the legal sector, he says

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Only a few logging companies, mostly owned by foreigners, were operating during that period The country received hard currency mainly from the export of oil and agricultural products such as

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I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has operated a chainsaw or is thinking of operating a chainsaw" - Mike Sullivan, 5-Time World Hot stone Champion, Arborist, Logger & Homeowner 8-1/2 x 11, 208p, 300 color photos, 100 b&w illustrations, 2009

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Chainsaw Mill Build, Use & Tips N Tricks: In this instructable we will see how to make a chainsaw mill, how to use it, and discuss some tips and tricks to the hidden and mystical art of planking up fallen trees Welcome aboard!I worked hard on this guide and keep it updated, so I hope you

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the development of alternatives to unsustainable chainsaw milling practices The project has two phases: (1) developing alternatives for illegal chainsaw milling through a Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in Ghana and Guyana (March 2007–April 2013); and (2) supporting the integration of …

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Nov 09, 2017 · I am new to both forums and chainsaw milling so forgive me if this is a stupid question If i wished to slab a 36 log into 2 - 4 inch thick slabs and only have a well power 24 inch bar , is it possible to make 2 cuts - one from the left side and one from the right side of the butt and not due damage to the saw

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May 10, 2011 · Chainsaw milling: supplier to local markets, provides a much needed insight into the generally unregulated on-site conversion of logs into lumber using chainsaws for tropical in …

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The Granberg Chainsaw Mill is a lightweight stone attachment that clamps on and cuts logs from 1/2" to 13" thick and up to17" inches wide The mill includes an attachment assembly that connects with a wide variety of chainsaws without the need of a drill bar